Body Piercing Training UK

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Body Piercing Training

 Body Piercing Training UK is an accomplished, forward thinking training school located in South Wales. using the innovative blade needle method.
Our unique approach to body piercing is simple. This is an art form, sometimes misunderstood but in the right hands, thrilling and creative. It is incredibly popular and is an ultimately rewarding career for the right person.

We will not only teach you not only the technical skills but also the essential art of understanding piercing to give the ultimate client experience.
This will enable you to explore the creative possibilities of piercing with your client and turn body piercing into body art.
We have created one solid, value for money course that covers what you need to know, in the right amount of time for you to gain the confidence you need to take the skills learned and put them to practice in your own business.This is all done in the secure surroundings of a clean, welcoming and professional studio.

This level of skill can only be taught on a one to one basis so spaces are extremely limited. This also allows us to tailor your course to your individual requirements. Contact us now to book your course and start your new career safe in the knowledge that you have the skills, confidence and support you need to succeed.